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unveiling garden


the garden experience as a tool to understand exceptionality 

In this project, people will understand the exceptionality through garden spaces. Exceptionality is currently a cultural condition that is usually invisible to us, leaving disabled people out from our dynamics. However, the project makes diabled people the exceptional visible, by including them in daily dynamics. In this way we achieve the inclusion of exceptional people understanding diversity as something inherent to human beings. The “unvealing garden” is an opportunity to experience situations where your senses are translaparated through moments related to nature, water and vegetation; allowing you to understand the environment from another perspective. This architectural project takes you out of context, to take you to a heterotopic place capable of changing and growing over time.


The "unveiling garden" is a space where people can get out from their routines to stimulate their senses because of the natural environment. This project proposes different scales: from small gardens on terraces, empty medians with the possibility of being meeting up areas.


"La Franja" is the biggest scale, a sensory journey composed of four moments. First, a touch and ear stimulation experience by drops of water covered by an opaque membrane. Secondly,  a dark space illuminated by small entrances of light on the roof. After that, there is an observation and admiration place of colorful flowers. Finally, the place is placed by a native tree that attract birds from the local environment

escalas 2.png
planta terraza.png
planta vacio .png
corte terraza.png
corte vacio .png
corte general franja.png
corte 1 franja.png
corte 3 franja.png
corte 2.png
corte 4.png
Copia de 1 oscuro .png
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