river stations


an architecture for the public space dynamics in the informal city 

Informal cities are a reality within our large cities, where marginalized communities look for an affordable place to establish their homes to be part of the social dynamics of the city. However, gaps have been opened in the relationship between the landscape and the community due to these informal settlements.


This is the case of the Fucha River basin, communities have settled their homes along the river both establishing informal settlements and changing the natural dynamics of the area. However, people in the area have different expressions of appropriation, in order to configure their own public spaces, which calls for a change in relations with the environment.


Consequently, the project propose small stations along the Fucha River to strengthen existing relationships and initiatives between the Fucha River and its inhabitants. The program is conformed by two objectives, Firstly, spaces based on local expressions of appropriation like graffitti, break dance and urban garden. Secondly, a system to filter and purify water from the river, in order to understand how the environment works.


Finally, the project is proposed as the starting point to replicate this kind of public infrastructure that seeks to enhance the relationship between informal settlements with the landscape.




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