exceptional boxes


a workshop for making exceptionality visible

This game is called "exceptional boxes", it's composed of boxes "artefacts" that recreate different synesthetic experiences based on  the Bogotá River Pollution from the perspective of water as a sensitive element. 


The games was done in Lisboa, Bogota; where people from this informal settlement, regardless of their condition, had the opportunity to live synesthetic experiences by altering their senses.


People from different conditions came to participate, having a sysnesthetic experience that would take them out of their reality. The results we obtained are based on the fact that people associate evrything they sense with the neighborhood due to lack of opportunities. Secondly, exceptionality is seen as a condition of being inferior.


Finally, beyond a conclusion, we wondered, how can we propose an architectural project that takes people out from their context in order to give exceptional people opportunities to be part of the socierty in equal conditions.

Unveiling Garden
Unveiling Garden
Unveiling Garden
Unveiling Garden
Unveiling Garden

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