Living Lab Panama


participatory workshop (intership) 

During my architectural internship at El Equipo Mazzanti + Horizontal, I had the opportunity to participate on the design and logistics for planning a living laboratory that generated scenarios in which the community, designers and institutions discussed the future of the Panama's Coastline.


The team proposed activities based on the past, the present and the future.

Time Capsules: we designed a device made with recycled bottles that collected environmental information about air quality, tides and temperature.

Past activitity: through the use of scaffolding structures, we designed a time machine that showed the Time Capsules Data on how the coastline has changed in recent years.

Present activity: participants could take a ride on a bicycle, which was equipped with 360 VR glasses; People watched a video about the current state of the sea and the coast.

Future activity: We design classes based on urban gardens using recycled materials. Beyond the objects, the activity fostered discussion about the role of the community for the preservation of the coast.

opinions from community participants about the living experience