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new rural housing


a proposal for the return of the Colombian peasant population

Colombian rural areas have experienced a change in their dynamics due to the extensive tourism that has a low amount of peasant population due to the impossibility of owning their own land. This situation has forced a continuous migration of the rural population to the cities, leaving our rural areas in charge of companies that are not aware of the importance of natural resources.


The project is located in Quindío, a Colombian department where coffee is the main source of income, however, large industries have planted non-local trees such as eucalyptus and pines that dry the river basins.


Architecture has the opportunity to propose new projects that allow the return of a peasantry. In this way, the project wants to establish housing that not only promotes the return of the rural population, but also their empowerment with polyculture strategies, aware of the terrain in which they are implanted.


In this way, the project fosters new relationships among the peasants, conscious agriculture and the reforestation of the native forest.

APlanta final 1-500baja.png
ACorte final 1-500.png
APlanta Final 1-100baja.png
ACorte Oficina Final 1-100.png
ACorte Acopio Final 1-100.png
ACorte Final 1-50 (2).png
ASala Corte Final 1-100.png
ACorte Final 1-50 (1).png
ACorte Llegada final 1-100.png
APlanta Sala Final 1-100.png
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